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Strengths based learning


What is Leaner Agency?


Learner agency is embedded in The New Zealand Curriculum key competencies as “the capabilities that young people need for growing, working, and participating in their communities...The school curriculum should challenge students to use and develop the competencies across the range of learning areas and in increasingly complex and unfamiliar situations” (Ministry of Education, 2007, p. 38 ).


Within a school context, the Learner Agency is about shifting the ownership of learning from teachers to students.  It's about enabling our students to have the understanding, ability, and opportunity to be part of their learning design and journey to take action and to affect outcomes to become powerful lifelong learners.


How does Technology help?


Digital technologies change the way students learn, the way teachers teach, and where and when learning takes place. Increasingly, mobile devices equip students to take charge of their own learning in a context where learning occurs anywhere, anytime, and with access to a wealth of content and interactive tools. Digital technologies can excite and engage educators, 

students, their whānau and communities in learning. Future-focused learning in connected communities, May 2014

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