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Highlights from our Practices

Our Original Leaderboard and Drafting Discord Bot


We use Our Drafting bot to help organize games for our after school lessons. It allow players to versus other students in a competitive manner whilst still maintaining the structure needed for a competitive ladder by recording games played and keeping a track of player performances and organizing them onto a leaderboard for all to see.

This bot also doubles as a drafting system. it uses the leaderboard to select the two highest ranked players as captains and then gives them control to pick the players into their team. Afterwards a map is chosen and which team is going to attack and defend.

The Bot also accounts for people who are on hot streaks by giving more rating points to players who can consecutively win games.


Our Valorant Game Drafting Bot Was created and coded by our very own Tyson Vazzoler.

The World of Valorant

Our Valorant Players

Xavian Sosaia

In Game Name: Craiganator

Favorite Agents: Yoru, Sova

Best Map: Icebox

Position: Team 1 Duelist
Sova No Background.png

e-team consent 

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