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Fly into Rocket League

The Rocket League Basics



Shooting the ball is the first thing you learn to do in Rocket League.  Being able to shoot means being able to hit the ball in the goal and score your team a point.

To get good at shooting players need to practice driving at the correct angle and flipping into the ball at the right time to hit a powerful shot towards the goal.



Goalkeeping is on the receiving end of shooting. Being a good goalkeeper is all about reading where the ball is going and getting your car in the way to stop the ball going in the goal.

Players with quick reaction speeds make really good goalkeepers as they can quickly adjust to changes made to the balls path by the opposition.

Goalkeeping is the most important skill as everyone has to defend at some point in a match.


Flying is a skill that every player ignores when they start. The concept is simple point the booster of your car down and boost to fly upwards. 

Pro players have perfected this art and are able to fly around doing tricks mid air to get the ball past their opponents.

Flying allows a player to touch the ball in the air and to hit it first before their opponent does.


Our Rocket League Team

Levi Wells

In Game Name: Star Maker

Favorite Skill: Dribbling

Go To Car: Octane

Position: Team 1 Playmaker

Rocket League Universe

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