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Whaea Duncan.png

Whaea Duncan

Teacher aide 

My favourite super hero is: 

Jacinda Ardern.        
he youngest female leader in the world, and Aotearoa’s current Prime Minister. 

My favourite saying: 

You will never get anywhere you’re meant to,

by travelling on yesterdays road.          

It’s a new day, find a new way.

Why I became a Teacher aide:

I get the privilege to take part in teaching and shaping our next generation and future leaders.

If I could be a child again what would I do?

Spend more time enjoying the little things. Line dancing at the marae with nan, camping and fishing with papa. 

My message for the children of Aotearoa

The MORE that you read,
The MORE things YOU will know.  
The MORE that you LEARN,
The MORE places you’ll GO.
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