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Sports @ RP

Co-designing our HPE curriculum

Rotorua Primary School has worked with Sport BOP advisors and our tamariki to create a student centred, high engagement HPE Curriculum that caters to all of our tāonga.

Student engagement in our across school sports acadamies supports transition to our high schools - developing emerging relationships with Rotorua Boys High School rangatahi.

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Understanding and delivering quality HPE

Our kura has made it a focus to understand and implement high quality, sustainable sports opportunities for our aspiring sports superstars. 

Engaging with wellbeing through sports is not just on the pitch, field or court - we have redesigned our whole school environment to allow for all tamariki to access this important part of their hauora.

From ninja playgrounds, bike tracks and trampoline areas - we listened to our tamariki and made decisions based on their feedback.


Sports stars of the future

Achieving on the field through teamwork, dedication and mahi are the values our tāonga and whanau keep front and centre - and we show case how good we feel with our modern and impactful sports uniforms - look out for our super heros at a sports game near you!

Tamariki take pride in their acheivements and with our focus last year on touch rugby we saw real results winning four of the eight grades in the local league.

We aim to support our rising stars beyond their years at Rotorua Primary, and run a tuakana - teina training program across 3 codes with Rotorua Boys High - supporting emerging relationships and transitions through a shared passion for sport.

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