Rotorua Primary offers an alternative intermediate learning experience for Year 7/8 students. We are proud to offer smaller class sizes and a learning environment that is competitive with all other established intermediates.

Rotorua Primary is a full-primary catering to students from Year 1 – 8. We have two well-resourced English mainstream intermediate classrooms and one Rumaki classroom. All classes work closely together with a strong focus on working cooperatively as a whanau (family).

Our English mainstream classrooms are digital classrooms which have been furnished with modern learning furniture. Our modern learning space allows students to strengthen their self-management skills as well as gain more agency over how, when and what they learn. our experienced staff ensure that students are monitored closely, conferenced with to set challenging and achievable learning targets as well as given access to a wider range of specific learning opportunities based on their needs.

While your child is here at Rotorua Primary, they will be exposed to the same learning experiences and opportunities as at a larger intermediate school. However, because of our small class sizes, we feel that we can offer a lot more:

  • Our students are exposed to a range of cultural experiences relating to Ngati Whakaue tikanga. 
  • Students work within a flexible learning arrangement. Within subjects students are both grouped by ability or grouped in mixed ability groups. Students requiring extra support have classroom programmes tailored to their needs and are eligible to receive assistance through the Ngati Whakaue Enrichment Unit (in maths, reading and writing).
  • We are within the central business district (CBD). This means that we can incorporate a wide range of resources and programmes into our learning; often without needing to charge a travel fee.
  • All students attend technology (manual) for a full week, four times a year.
  • Chinese language is compulsory for all Year 7/8 students.
  • The English mainstream classes are a digital/modern learning classroom where there is a 1:3 device ratio. Children operate within the Google Suite to be able to access and extend their learning at home.
  • Visual Art/Music and Culture are weekly features on the timetable.
  • Fitness is a daily feature and students participate in a wide range of skill-based activities 
  • Sport is also available. Our students have opportunities to participate in the same sports offered at intermediate. We have intermediate teams participating in touch rugby, basketball and netball; some of our boys have gone on to play in the Tai Mitchell rugby competition; we have also had representatives in golf, cross country, and other sports. Our intermediate students do exceedingly well against much larger schools. We also regularly arrange interschool sports matches with nearby intermediate teams.
  • Our Year 8 students are celebrated with a farewell lunch/dinner at the end of the year after being recognised at our Schoolwide Prizegiving.

We welcome all families to our school for a pre-enrolment visit where you are able to meet one of our senior leadership team and talk about the programmes we have on offer.

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