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Missy Te Kiri

Awesomeness in action


RŪMA  13

My favourite super hero is: 

Roger James Te Kiri
My big brother. He is a great role model, a hard worker, and an amazingly talented guitarist

My favourite saying

Learn from the past to make a
 better future 

My favourite song: 

All love songs

Why I became a Teacher:

To instil pride and fortitude in my students and encourage positive learning and personal development to become better human beings.

What I would love to see in the world:

Māori achievement
People being respectful and
caring of each other and our planet

If I could be a child again what would I do?

I would have stopped my dad from leaving home on the day he died  

My message for our taonga of Aotearoa

Believe in yourself
Never give up 
Be kind to yourself
You are capable of great things
You are unique
You are worth it 
Your success is our success
We are in this together
You are the reason why we are here
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