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Layla Rask

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Apple Teacher / Rūma 17

My favourite super hero is: 

Dame Whina Cooper: she is a women of Mana and a well respected Maori Kuia 

My favourite saying: 


My favourite song: 

No Roots - By L.A.B 

Why I became a Teacher:

To inspire and have a positive impact on others.  To create lasting memories that will be cherished forever

What I love to see in the world:

I want to see every human be kind to each other and love one another

If I could be a child again what would I do?

I would have listened and respected my mother more than I did

My message for the children of Aotearoa

I believe in you

I am here for you

You are capable of great things

You are unique

You are worth it

I will never give up on you

I care about you

Your success is my success

We are in this together

You are the reason why I am here

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