RPS Twilight Gala

Wednesday 20 February 2019
03:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Room 1 Whaea Layla:  Taonga Raffle,  Seafood chowder and mussels

Room 2 & Room 3 Whaea Mata and Whaea Mere:  Cake stall & drinks, Kete huruhuru raffle, Ta Moko, Moko kauae stamps, Train rides, Treasure hunt, Seafood chowder & Fried bread

Room 4 Whaea Margie: Drinks, Guess Lollies in a Jar, Guess Balloons in the Tractor, Hoop toss, Ten pin bowling, Basketball shots, raw fish

Room 5 Whaea Pare:  Raffles, White Elephant Stall, Cake stall

Room 6 Whaea Missy: Pork belly & Ribs, Nail it...., Face Painting, 10 min head/shoulder massage, Maori caber toss

Room 7 Matua Anaru: Fire truck rides, Harley Davidson rides, Bike course, Pony rides

Room 10 Matua Sam:  Art work auction, Haunted classroom maze, Loaded fries, Ps4 and Xbox One game, Nerf Wars, Buried treasure

Room 11 Whaea Kath:   Steamed Puddings, Fried Bread (Pre-ordered and made fresh - contact Rm 11) Raffle for Kebab Kitchen voucher

Room 12 and Room 13  Whaea Frances & Matua Hemi:  Meat raffles, Sausage Sizzle, Slip & Slide, Computer Tournament, Slime, White Elephant Stall , Treasure Hunt

Principal:  Iceblocks, Icecreams, Drinks, Wood Raffle, Raw fish, Maori Hot Dogs, Sweetcorn, Watermelon, Sausage Sizzle, Steak & Egg sandwiches

Spin The Wheel:   Tickets $5, $10, $15    Some amazing prizes up for grabs!!! All sponsored prizes from our Rotorua Business Community 


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