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Rūma 4 - wha

My favourite super hero is: 


She has amazing strength, rises to challenges, battles evil to grow a better future no matter who you are or where you come from.

My favourite saying: 

ATTITUDE: Live, Love, Laugh
Believe anything is Possible

My favourite song: 

Natural - L.A.B

Why I became a Teacher:

To nurture the seed that grows within the heart and mind of our tamariki.

To be the sun, and the rain that inspires the growth of the seeds to reach THEIR full potential.

What I would love to see in the world:

A world free of anger, hate, misery, greed, cruelty, all things negative and Replaced with Harmony, Kindness, Love, where nature provided Kai and remedies that grow in abundance everywhere, waters were clean and clear, our oceans, forest, streams and the land are bountiful forever.

If I could be a child again what would I do?

Love my family like there was no tomorrow work smarter at school. 
Believe in myself.

My message for our taonga of Aotearoa

You are a beautiful unique creation that has the potential to make the world a wonderful place.
Find your gift and let it free to explode across the world.
Never give up on your dreams.
Never give up on yourself.Believe in yourself.
We Believe in YOU
You Are The Future!!
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