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Kararaina Iasona

My favourite super hero is: 

My favourite saying: 

My favourite song: 

Why I became a Teacher:

Awesomeness in action



My Koro.
He was the poutokomanawa during my life when I was growing up.
Even to this day I have very strong memories of him.

Tell me and I forget. 
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn. 


- Benjamin Franklin

"He aint heavy he's my brother" - The Hollies

 Someone showed me what fun teaching and learning is like. Years later I had a little taste of leading a scout group. Curiosity led to teaching the world I live in. 

I love sharing that with people and whanau.

What I love to see in the world:

I want every human being to respect each other and through that grow love.  

If I could be a child again what would I do?

I would not have travelled downhill along a gravel road whilst riding my little trike without the left handle grip, head between handle bar. The front wheel hit stone, the left handlebar hit and damaged ear leaving me partially deaf and unable to sing like  my siblings.

My message for the children of Aotearoa

Be thankful for all that you have but don’t ever accept that all you got is all you’re gonna get.
Go well, be resilient and never give up
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